3. Performance Optimization

        - Value Realization and Optimization of Performance

Maximizing Efficiency & Effectiveness
Conducted through Functionality & Efficiency Reviews:
      ♦ Project Delivery - schedule acceleration; cost reduction;  functionality improvement; resolution of deadlock

      ♦ Business Process Improvement -program turnaround; productivity enhancement;
         re-structuring / right-sizing

      ♦ Service Delivery -throughput improvement; re-purposing

    III. Implementation / Project Delivery
  • Detailed design & specification; resolution of impasse
  • Contracts tender packages; D-B, EPC, P3 proposal development
  • Third party reviews; confirmation of stakeholder consensus 
  • Project delivery, commissioning & handover.
   Example Applications
Primary Focus: Cost Optimization
           ► Systems optimization based on life cycle impacts for developer of $bn. luxury development 
           ► Cost savings for design-build contract, 150,000 sq. m.rail terminal and commercial Centre

                                                      Resolution of Deadlock
           ► Project rescue for design-build contractor for stalled wastewater treatment works project
           ► Project rescue for design-build contractor for stalled sports and entertainment complex

Schedule Acceleration & Constructability
           ► Reduction of risk and time to market for 400,000 sq. m. luxury high rise (70 stories) development 
           ► Design, constructability and team procedural improvements to accelerate turnkey wastewater treatment plant construction  
           ► Sequencing improvements at hydro dam construction site, and 2 months earlier impoundment for 1-year additional generating capability.

      Project Implementation Kick Start

        4D Team (Gainshare/ Painshare Arrangement):
         • Project Management Team
         • Utility / Owner Organization
         • Designer
         • Contractor

    1st  3 weeks:
         • Partnering
         • Value Analysis
         • Risk Management
         • Value Engineering
    • Revised Conceptual Design
    • Outline Specification 
    • Risk Register
     • Project Team Procedures & Lean
    • ​​​​​​​Project Management Principles
        IV. Service Delivery / Operations; Upgrading & Retrofitting
    • Service delivery optimization
    • Productivity / throughput improvement; cycle time reduction
    • Systems optimization; issues resolution
    • Refurbishment and retrofitting for major facilities
    • Program turnaround / transformation; disposition of assets

    Example Applications:
             ► Business Process Optimization of government services and facilities at more
                    than 1,800 government locations
             ► Business transformation through automating procedures for cost planning and control
             ► Process upgrading & energy optimization for business turnaround of 50-year old hydrocracker plant
             ► Retrofitting & upgrading of 90-year old oil refinery to meet stringent new permitting requirements
             ► Process control system upgrading for 15 Mn. cu. m. / day sour natural gas plant 
             ► Efficiency gains for operating refinery; 1.2 Mn. barrels per year hydrocarbon recovery 
             ► Resiliency / reliability upgrading of 350 ML/day municipal water treatment plant
             ► Analysis of vehicle manufacturing plant process; assembly cycle time reduced by 10%.        
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