G. Customized Standards / Specifications / Practices:


Many organizations have standardized quality standard, specifications and practices such that these have become overly rigid and expensive for some particular applications. Such "unchallengeable" standards often exceed industry norms, are out of date or do not apply to projects having unique circumstances. Some organizations' standards are quite detailed and require much experience to fully understand and apply. In addition, such standards often conflict with readily available, supplier standard equipment that may well be more state-of-the-art. The Customized Standards / Specifications / Process VIP is conducted through seasoned personnel, including procurement, to determine a set of standards, specifications and working practices that will apply to a particular major or specialized project. Such a set of standards utilizes the best of what is already available and tailors these documents according to circumstances.

Example Application:

Project: Request for Proposal and Performance Specification for 30-year design-build-operate-transfer major judicial facility.

The TEAM FOCUS Group Value and Risk Management approach is an excellent framework for conducting the Customized Standards / Specifications / Practices VIP for best results.

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