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Performance, cost, value and risk/uncertainty are inextricably linked. Many related aspects are viewed subjectively by different stakeholders and under varying conditions, pressures & time frames for each.
We assist clients on many topics in optimizing performance and cost for programs and major projects. Outcomes are: 
  • Stakeholder agreement on priorities and plans
  • Optimized total cost of ownership and implementation scheduling
  • Revitalization of non-performing programs and projects; resolution of deadlock
  • Confidence that programs and projects will perform as required, along with smoother key authorization approvals to proceed further. Validation/verification of proposals.
Our services include:
  • Facilitation of planning and development processes 
  • Collaboration and stakeholder consensus-building techniques
  • Facilitation of multi-discipline performance reviews to optimize outputs or rectify major shortcomings
  • Independent assessments and executive reporting of the likelihood of success of ongoing programs & projects
  • Formal certification of best value programs and projects 
  • Training of team members in basic and advanced program & project management practices. Introduction of value enhancing processes and procedures.
For over 25 years, we have been delivering planning, optimization, advisory, assurance, facilitation and training services to funding agencies, owner, consultant and contractor organizations. Our range of processes, techniques and tools applies to programs, projects, products and systems. Our portfolio of successes includes a wide range of major infrastructure programs and projects in over 25 countries. Choices between project improvement techniques and tools can be bewildering, with so many seeming to claim to do the same thing (sometimes, allegedly better, faster and cheaper).  We have extensive experience across a range of application areas and can advise clients on the most appropriate use of different approaches.
We conduct strategic diagnoses for executive oversight and deep dives to resolve specific issues.

Huge Savings

Our services maximize benefits and significantly increase return-on-investment.  As such, we focus on innovative, long-term solutions and embedding sustainable outcomes. ​​​​​​​

Our guidance in identification of opportunities for functionality improvements, schedule optimization, risk reduction and cost avoidance, has led to savings of many hundreds of millions of dollars. ​​​​​​​For example $100 Mn. CAPEX saving and functionality enhancement at the tendering stage of an EPC offshore project.

Optimizing Performance & Cost

Our services  focus on setting effective strategic direction, re-alignment, program turnaround, resolution of deadlock, schedule acceleration, constructability improvements, risk definition, cost avoidance, stakeholder consensus / endorsement building, embedding of change.

Our primary processes are contained generally within the Performance & Cost Optimization approach:

  • Performance & Value Assurance for ongoing executive oversight of ongoing program and projects
  • Functionality & Efficiency reviews to improve service delivery
  • Planning & Performance reviews to improve project development & delivery
  • Formal certification of best value programs and projects
  • Familiarization, training  & development of project staff.
We also conduct Business Process Improvement, risk & value management, agile Value Methodology and Value Improving Practices.  Our toolbox includes a series of interactive, diagnostic templates, along with our INSPIRE process for managing optimization reviews.
Our processes focus on identifying best overall performance & value for a range of business / service undertakings internationally, including:
  • Airport authorities
  • Commercial developers
  • Energy companies Environmental authorities
  • Development consortia
  • Government services
  • Flood protection
  • Health authorities
  • Highway & transit authorities
  • Industrial services; manufacturers
  • Institutional facility providers
  • Learning facilities providers
  • Major pipeline operators
  • Mining and resources companies
  • Municipal service  providers
  • Oil, gas & petrochemical companies
  • Offshore facility developers & operators
  • Rail service providers
  • Recreational facility providers
  • Water & waste water service providers
  • Waste management organizations.
Optimization of Service Delivery  
✦ Accelerated Master Planning
✦ Identification / Selection of Concept
✦ Enhanced Program / Project(s) Delivery
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