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Establishing the Team

Some of the papers that Michael Thompson has presented are as follows:


Part B: Establishing the Team - Is It Ever Too Early or Ever Too Late?

Michael Thompson, C.Eng., F.I.C.E., M.C.I.W.E.M.

  Presented in July 1999 at the SAVE International Conference, San Antonio, Texas


This paper explores the Team Approach to Project Management with reference to Strategic and Project Partnering / Alignment, drawing on case histories.

Setting up the Program or Project so that the controls are in place is important if the essential management tools, including Value Management, Risk Management, Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental Management are to be brought in at the right time and for maximum benefit.

The author demonstrates that it is never too early or too late to apply this to Programs or Projects.


"Of course, I have always worked like this, in a team."

How often has this been said at Team Building and Partnering workshops? The fact is that most of us have worked as teams, but usually in the confines of our own organizations. Rarely in the Construction Industry have we worked as a single team drawn from several different organizations, not until recently, that is.

Salford Centre for Research and Innovation

Demonstrating How Collaborative Working Works:
“Why Integrated Supply Chains are not working”

Michael Thompson, CEng, FICE, MCIWEM

Presented on13th July 2004


Setting the scene for the day, Michael Thompson deliberately and controversially challenged that Integrated Supply Chains are working in the UK, in the hope that the speakers that followed him would show him that he is wrong!

He drew on his own experiences in Partnering over nearly 10 years, including working with a major UK contractor introducing the concepts of Partnering to their specialist contractors both in the North East and in the South West of the UK in the late 1990s, explaining how it was received and what went right and what went wrong.

By reference to the targets set by Sir John Egan and the Strategic Forum for Construction in Accelerating Change (2002), he talked about how Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are being approached today from both the Client / Contractor and SME points of view.

He raised what seem to be some of the pitfalls of such relationships as well as the benefits, and ended by asking the question, “Why isn’t it getting better?”, in the hope that the answers would follow, as the day progressed.

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