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Closing the Gap

Value Search

"Clients are really seeking to buy overall performance improvement, not just a sequence of traditionally practiced, project development activities"

 A Proven Process

Value Search is a proven process for saving considerable time and cost for owner organizations and agencies. It is conducted through a systematic program of analytical and innovative explorations that culminate in firm, tested proposals for business improvement.

The program guides formulation of strategies as well as the development, implementation and optimization of a range of various types of projects, products and services. It maximizes team performance and profitability while managing risk at the appropriate comfort level for different organizations

Closing the Gap

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 Value Search Training

"... The Value Search Program expedites results, with smoother decision-making and faster delivery of outcomes."

"Re-skilling of organizations and individuals may be necessary to produce the dramatic improvements in value that major corporations are demanding."

"Thinking outside their comfort zones requires people to be receptive to new ideas and to those of others. This calls for broader and less defensive thinking."

"Value Search provides an efficient management framework for strategizing, conceptualizing, developing, executing and for continuous performance / value improvement."

  We offer a training series on achieving best value programs, project, products and services as listed below:

Value Search: The Road to High Performance


Volume 1 - Aligning Expectations

Part 1 - Understanding the Conditions of Success

Part 2 - Assuring Best Value & Managing Uncertainty


Volume 2 - Fieldbook: Sharpening the Performance Edge

Value Solutions: Creating & Delivering Better Solutions in Less Time


Value Methodology Training Manuals (suitable for SAVE International Modules I and II Certification Training, re. AVS, VMP and CVS designations.




Click Here for Value Assurance presentations at the Canadian Society of Value Analysis, Hong Kong IVM, Institute of Value Management (UK) Conferences 2006

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