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For information on the Strategic Forum for Construction Integration Toolkit and the Association of Construction Performance Advisors (formerly Integration Support Network) of facilitators to assist organizations with the Integration Toolkit, see below

The TEAM FOCUS Group has worked with several hundred project teams in the past decade within a Partnering environment, often as a precursor to the undertaking of Value and Risk Studies / Management.

Maximum Benefits

Minimum Losses

Maximum benefits are realized where the form of contract is compatible with the Partnering / Team approach, limiting the potential for conflict, particularly over "compensation events" or claims where money is involved.

The introduction of value considerations using effective methodology to enhance value and to minimize cost enables the Client and stakeholders to get not only what they want, but what they need.

Minimum losses are realized through effective communication between all members of the team, the development of trust, and a focus on common objectives, both for all members of the team and for the project as a whole. This applies also to businesses and to programs of work.

Effective Risk Management will encourage the avoidance of unnecessary costs and delays.

Performance Management

It is very much up to the team itself to make Partnering work, and to do this, it is beneficial for it to focus on Key Performance Indicators or similar to review at regular intervals, establishing trends in the team's performance, and enabling the team to evaluate how well it is actually performing. Weaknesses can be identified, analyzed and corrected. Benchmarking against others, either using national standards or against other specific teams, can be undertaken.

"Project proving", towards the end of a project, is important to enable the Project Team to pass the finished product on to the client organization or end user so that project objectives are met in a timely manner. 

Integrated Project Teams and Integrated Supply Chains

The concepts of Integrated Project Teams (sometimes called Virtual Companies or Virtual Organizations) and Integrated Supply Chains are starting to be promoted in the United Kingdom through the Strategic Forum for Construction "Integration Toolkit". The TEAM FOCUS Group supports this approach as a means to developing more effective ways of achieving optimum benefit from the Partnering approach. Roll-out events are planned - see our Integration Toolkit page.

The Association of Construction Performance Advisors to assist organizations with the use of the Integration Toolkit has been set up with regional and national focus. Further details can be obtained through our Integration Toolkit page.

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