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Strategic Forum for Construction

Integration Toolkit (UK)

The Integration Toolkit is a pan-industry framework offering best practice information, advice, guidance and training for companies of all sizes from public and private clients through to component manufacturers.

The two arms of the Toolkit - the Integrated Project Team and the Integrated Supply Chain - go into the practical detail of how to start, manage and finish a project using the principles of Integration, and offer signposts and pointers to provide further guidance for integrating the construction industry.


A series of Regional Roll-Out Events were conducted around the UK between February and June 2004, to introduce the Integration Toolkit to members of the Construction Industry.

Further events are being considered and will be announced by the Strategic Forum for Construction in due course.


The Integration Toolkit has already attracted a number of high-profile projects - valued at 207million - wishing to be Integrated Demonstration Projects.


The Association of Construction Performance Advisors

The Association of Construction Performance Advisors has been set up nationally in the UK to provide training and consultancy support resulting from an interest in business improvement via the methodologies of the Integration Toolkit.

Members of the ACPA have been listed together with their skills, so that they can be viewed by interested organisations. Membership is personal, not corporate.

Skills matrices have been provided so that appropriately experienced members can be chosen.

Members of each region meet periodically so as to maintain a regional standard. There are also less frequent national meetings.


The Association of Construction Performance Advisors has been set up regionally and there are four regional teams:


The North and Scotland (including Northern Ireland)


The Midlands


The South West and Wales


The London and the South East

Michael Thompson is Chairman of the national committee for the Association and Regional Coordinator for The North and Scotland.


"Large clients like the Office for Government Commerce, NHS Estates, Department of Education and Skills, Defence Estates, BAA, Lloyds TSB, Construction Clients Group and the Local Government Task for have all provided great statements of support" - Martin Davis, Chairman of the Integration Toolkit Management Group

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