Functionality & Efficiency - EXAMPLES

   Service Delivery / Operations; Upgrading & Retrofitting
  • ​​​​​​​Service delivery optimization​​​​​​​
  • Productivity / throughput improvement; cycle time reduction
  • Systems optimization; issues resolution
  • Refurbishment and retrofitting for major facilities
  • Program turnaround / transformation; disposition of assets.
 Example Applications:
          ► Process upgrading & energy optimization for business turnaround of 50-year old hydrocracker plant
          ► Retrofitting & upgrading of 90-year old oil refinery to meet stringent new permitting requirements
          ► Process control system upgrading for 15 Mn. cu. m. / day sour natural gas plant 
          ► Efficiency gains for operating refinery; 1.2 Mn. barrels per year hydrocarbon recovery 
          ► Resiliency / reliability upgrading of 350 ML/day municipal water treatment plant
          ► Resiliency review to examine regional water supply system vulnerabilities and options
          ► Analysis of vehicle manufacturing plant process; assembly cycle time reduced by 10%
          ► Business Transformation for  rapidly expanding contractor.  Aggressive strategic plan for corporate growth through additional product lines and new approaches
          ► Business transformation through automating procedures for cost planning and control
          ► Optimization of ongoing government services and facilities at more than 1,800 locations; significantly reduced carbon footprint

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